5 Movie Tech Predictions That Came True

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In “The People’s Friend” 153-year history, its witnessed a wealth of technological advancement. Could we have predicted any of the things we now have? Touchscreen manufacturer Zytronic has compiled a list of movie tech predictions came true!

Back To The Future

From self-lacing shoes to video calling to 3D movies, the Back to the Future trilogy got a scary amount of technologies right! 35 years later, a lot of them are part of our everyday lives. Like virtual reality, voice assistants and fingerprint scanners.

Star Trek

The list here is extensive, as Star Trek predicts everything from tablet computers, medical scanners, wearable communication devises, and even automatic doors. The list continues to grow to this day with recent technology launches like invisible power delivery and transparent, hologram-like screens.

Star Wars

Although not necessarily everyday use tech, people have attempted to replicate the technological wonders of the movies. From real-life lightsabers to bionic limbs, vehicle navigation systems and robot assistants. Our real-life tech is slowly starting to catch up…

Minority Report

Released almost 2 decades ago, this movie deals with important questions about the progression of technology. “Precogs” might not yet exist, but AI software and machine learning enable organisations to predict customer buying patterns and preferences. Google and Tesla are making driverless cars a reality. Smart home voice control is also becoming more popular, and fingerprint and face identification already is.


As we approach 2029, we’re thankfully no closer to killer cyborgs. But other technologies from the movies have become a reality. Including advanced drones being used by the military, and now even to consumers. Robots that can accurately emulate human behaviour aren’t here yet, but technology that imitates celebrity voices or Google Assistant making a call for you are getting ever closer.

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