Three Common Signs Of Impaired Hearing

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If you are worried about hearing loss, then be sure to make time to have it checked out. Three common signs of impaired hearing include:

  1. Having the television up at a loud volume.
  2. Having to frequently ask people to repeat what they’re saying.
  3. Difficulty following conversations.

Due to the fact hearing loss can often be a gradual process, you may be unaware that your hearing has become impaired. In fact, that’s the issue discussed by expert Bev Carter, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hearing Direct, in this week’s “Friend” (Aug 20 issue), on sale now. 

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You can also find lots of helpful advice on the NHS website. 

Advice on impaired hearing

And while hearing loss is no laughing matter, I do recall one funny tale that I can share with you. My friend’s gran was hard of hearing but couldn’t be persuaded to wear her hearing devices. Any time family visited, they had to resort to using a notepad to scribble down bits of gossip. This covered everything from general chat to what Gran fancied for dinner. It was a way of keeping Gran in the loop with family matters. 

When my friend and her mother were paying Gran a visit, she asked her mother why she was flicking back so many pages in the chat book. Her mother’s candid reply, “To find out if anyone is talking about me behind my back”. 

Once my friend had dried her tears of laughter, she then had to jot down for Gran what had been so funny. 

As it turned out, the pages revealed no-one had “spoken” out of turn, thank goodness! But the family did finally persuade their elderly relative that being fitted for a new device was definitely the way forward. It could prevent a future family rift, after all! 

So it’s certainly worth looking at the common signs of impaired hearing. And, we have more advice on hearing for you.

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