Willie’s View: In Lower Largo

Willie Shand © A white wall side of a house covered in hanging decorations and colourful flowers

Willie’s on the trail of the real-life Robinson Crusoe in Lower Largo . . .

There can’t be many youngsters that haven’t imagined their selves shipwrecked alone on some far-flung deserted island.  And, to fire their imagination, where better to go than the Fife coastal village of Lower Largo.

In an alcove above the entrance to his birthplace stands a life-size statue of one Alexander Selkirk.  Clad in goatskin; in one hand he holds his gun, the other is held to his brow as he gazes out to sea in the hopes of spotting a passing ship.  We will probably know Alexander better as Daniel Defoe’s character Robinson Crusoe.  It was Alexander’s real life adventures in the South Pacific Ocean that inspired Daniel Defoe to tell the story.

Statue of Alexander Selkirk.

In Largo, close to the mouth of the Keil Burn, a signpost points the way to the islands of Juan Fernandez. The very islands upon which Alexander was left stranded for nearly 4½ years.  From here the island of Mas a Tierra (Robinson Crusoe Island) lies 7,500 miles away. Around 400 miles off the Chilean coast.

One of several amazing gates.

It wasn’t Alexander that I was hoping to find inspiration from today. Instead, it was from the stones, shells, water-worn glass and bits of driftwood on the sands of Largo Bay.

Regie the Hedgie – bit of old brick!

With just a little imagination even bits of old building bricks can soon be given a new lease of life.




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Willie Shand