Condition That Causes Shaking Hands Or Tremors

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I’d never heard of Essential Tremor before, a condition that causes shaking hands or tremors that can’t be controlled. Voice issues can be common, too, among other signs. So, I was surprised to learn that more than a million people in the UK are affected by this condition. As symptoms can often start off mild, many people won’t have had a proper diagnosis. 

Our health writer, Jackie Mitchell, discovers more about this neurological condition in The People’s Friend October 22 issue, thanks to Dr Jay Panicker, Clinical Director for Neurology, the Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, who brings expert knowledge to the subject. 

Condition That Causes Hands To Shake

Dr Panicker discusses the age range most likely to be affected, if it is hereditary and how Essential Tremor can often by confused with other conditions sharing similar symptoms. 

Dr Panicker also discusses treatments used to help control the condition. Thankfully, advancements in research are paving the way for new treatments all the time. One just introduced this year “focused ultrasound thalamotomy” will bring hope where other forms of medication don’t help. 

When Is Shaking Hands A Tremor?

A slight tremor can be normal as no one stays completely still. Things like being stressed, drinking too much caffeine, and getting older can all increase tremors. But if it’s becoming more noticeable, getting worse or impacting daily activities, it might be time to see your GP. They can rule out whether it’s caused by any other conditions, as discussed by Dr Panicker in the current issue. Or, if it’s severe enough, they can prescribe medication to help manage it.

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