Easy Floral-Themed Christmas Crafts

Christmas tree shape made of embroidery hoops, ornaments and poinsettia flowers

As Christmas draws nearer and it’s time to start thinking about putting the decorations up, Stars For Europe have some easy floral Christmas crafts for you to try using poinsettia growers. Cosy up with the family, little ones or a quiet evening to yourself!

Embroidery Hoops

Poinsettia flowers and two embroidery hoops made with Christmas jumper cuts

Provided by Stars for Europe.

For these nostalgic embroidery hoops you will need an old Christmas jumper, scissors, embroidery hoops and hot glue and glue gun.

Step 1: Place the inner ring of the embroidery hoop in the centre of your chosen motif on the jumper and mark a circular cutting line at least two centimetres larger than the hoop. Cut out the motif along this line.

Step 2: Place your circle of jumper centrally over the inner ring. Place the open outer ring on top and tighten the tension screw. When the motif is in your desired position, attach the excess to the inside of the frame with hot glue.

This homemade wall-mounted Christmas tree offers space for several embroidery hoops in different sizes using Christmas motifs.

Poinsettia Floating Wire Christmas Tree

Coiled wire Christmas tree with pink baubles, with poinsettia flowers around

Provided by Stars for Europe.

For this mini hanging Christmas tree you will need craft wire (1-2 mm thick), a pair of wirecutters, a pair of flat nose pliers, juniper twigs, mini baubles, fine ribbon, silver reel wire, three test tubes and three mini poinsettias.

Step 1: Cut a 50-60cm length of wire using the wirecutters. Use the flat nose pliers to make a small loop at one end for hanging.

Step 2: Starting from the loop, form the wire into a spiral one circle at a time. Add another loop at the end.

Step 3: Attach juniper branches onto the craft wire with silver reel wire.

Step 4: Attach the mini baubles and the test tubes to the juniper-wrapped wire with ribbon and hang the mini Christmas tree in your chosen spot. Then fill the test tubes with water and place cut poinsettias inside. Tip: The poinsettia stems will stay fresh for up to two weeks if,immediately after cutting them, you first dip them briefly in 60°C hot water and then in cold water.

Hanging decoration as an alternative Christmas tree: You can find a suitable spot anywhere for this wire spiral covered with juniper twigs and decorated with poinsettias and small baubles. This cute hanging decoration is very easy to make with a little skill.

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Jacqueline Munro

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