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This week, let’s think about the importance of getting your story off to a strong start.

Starting Your Story

I read an interesting article recently, by novelist Liz Nugent in the Guardian online, talking about the importance of a strong opening line.

I thought it might be helpful to look at the importance of writing a compelling story opening, in terms of fiction for “The People’s Friend”.

Once Upon A Time

You may have read our piece recently on the importance of ending your story conclusively –

It’s equally – or perhaps even more – important to start your story off on a strong footing. Why?

The title and first line/s encourage your reader to read on. This is your opportunity to grab your reader’s interest. What, where, who, why – that’s what you’re establishing here.

At this point, you’re establishing the tone of your story, plus other essentials such as era, season, and location – you’re giving your reader a solid idea of what to expect.

You’re introducing your reader to your characters and to their world. You’re taking them on a journey and this is the starting point.

Fiction In The “Friend”

When the Team are considering your submissions, we won’t stop reading because the first line/s aren’t the strongest.

But it’s fair to say that by the end of the first page, we can usually tell if a story is going to be successful.

So it’s worthwhile paying attention to Page One.




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