Could Woolworths Be Returning To Our High Streets?

Shutterstock / David Fowler © A Woolworths store in Tenterden, England 2008

Selling everything from pick ‘n’ mix sweets to children’s toys, and the top 30 chart-topping singles, “Woolies” was once the UK’s best-loved store, but could this iconic brand be gracing our high streets once more?

With economic downturns and changing shopping habits, some of our our favourite stores have disappeared from our streets. Many are missed, but none more so than Woolworths, a brand that won a special place in the hearts of so many generations. At its peak, there were over 800 stores throughout the country.

When Woolworths closed its doors for the final time in the UK in 2009, it really did feel like the end of an era.

Once the go-to destination for cheap and cheerful shopping, including the “Ladybird” range of school uniforms, it’s still viewed with misty-eyed nostalgia. But could this iconic store be set for a triumphant return?

“It could be a possibility”

News has come from Roman Heini, CEO of Woolworth Germany, who runs 640 shops in Europe. Heini has indicated that the UK is on his list of possible destinations as he seeks to expand internationally.

Although the company were unable to confirm any plans for Woolworths to return to the UK market, it seems it could be a possibility.

A spokesman for Roman Heini said, “Britain is on his bucket list, although nothing is imminent.”

With potential for the company expanding to over 5,000 shops across Europe, it’s welcome news that Britain could once again see the return of “Woolies”.

Share your memories

We’d love to hear your memories of Woolworths. Was it a place where you spent your pocket money as a child, or somewhere you shopped with your children to buy their school uniform? Maybe you even worked behind the counter? Would you like to see it opening its doors once again in the UK? Pop over to our Facebook page and share your thoughts with us.

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