5 Brilliant Books To Read This April!

Shutterstock © Book recommendations 2024 including The Wakes, Seven Summers, The Clock Stopped Dead, This Could Be Us and The Little Penguin Bookshop

Linda Hill is on hand with her top recommendations for the best new paperbacks for April, 2024…

From nostalgic wartime love, to amateur sleuths, plus a catering business with a difference, these wonderful new books are all very different but will keep you reading long into the night!

Our top 5 book recommendations for April 2024

1. The Little Penguin Bookshop by Joanna Toye. RRP £7.99. Out now!

The Little Penguin Bookshop front cover, a book recommendation for 2024Wonderful wartime drama

When World War II breaks out, and her twin brother Johnnie is off training to be a pilot, Carrie Anderson sets up a bookstall at her local train station in the hope her colourful array of Penguin paperbacks will provide a sense of escapism for travellers, troops and evacuees.

As her fledgling business takes off, her act of kindness in donating a book to handsome officer Mike leads to a love story of her own. But as the war progresses, Carrie’s life is never going to be easy…

“The Little Penguin Bookshop” is storytelling at its best. Joanna Toye weaves together romance, history and society with a little bit of feminism, and mixes them with a love of books and reading that transports the reader to another time and place. Carrie might be falling in love, but readers will too with this brand new, captivating, series.

2. A Clock Stopped Dead by J.M. Hall. RRP £8.99. Out now!

A Clock Stopped Dead front cover, a book recommendation for 2024Mystery and maybe murder!

Retired teachers Pat, Liz and Thelma simply have to investigate when their good friend Marguerite tells them about an unsettling experience she had in a sinister-feeling charity shop. A shop which has since vanished into thin air!

Written with warm affection for these middle aged amateur lady sleuths, “A Clock Stopped Dead” is so entertaining. Indeed, this is a series not to be missed.

Never underestimate a seemingly unassuming grey-haired elderly lady, as she might just know exactly what you’re up to!

3. This Could Be Us by Claire McGowan, RRP £9.99. Out now!

This Could Be Us front cover, a book recommendation for 2024Heartbreaking realism

Leaving behind motherhood and a disabled child, Kate simply disappeared, building a new life in LA.

Years later her ex-husband Andrews has written a memoir and Kate’s new producer husband is going to make a film of it. Kate’s old life – and her guilt – are about to catch up with her.

With strong themes concerning guilt and disability, “This Could Be Us” takes the reader on a roller-coaster of emotion.

This wonderful book questions the very nature of love, motherhood and responsibility.

4. Seven Summers by Paige Toon, RRP £8.99. Out now!

Seven Summers front cover, a book recommendation for 2024Gorgeously romantic

Two epic love stories. One impossible choice for Liv. Will she choose Finn to whom she is inextricably bound through devastating tragedy? Or will Liv choose Tom, who has secrets of his own? She loves them both, but sometimes love isn’t enough.

“Seven Summers” is just wonderful. With its highly evocative setting, characters who are vivid and layered, and themes that resonate with any reader, this is a story not to be missed.

Steeped in love, “Seven Summers” will break your heart.

5. The Wakes by Dianne Yarwood, RRP £9.99. Out from April 25!

The Wakes front cover, a book recommendation for 2024Uplifting and captivating

With her relationship over and time off work, Clare agrees to help her neighbour Louisa with her new funeral catering business.

At various wakes Clare encounters Chris who has relationship problems of his own. Neither is looking for love.

“The Wakes” might be a book that revolves around death but far from being gloomy, it is a book filled with humour, life, hope and the power of friendship and kindness.

It’s also beautifully written and will make you completely ravenous!

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