Community Spirit – Episode 18

“I LIKE what you’ve done to the place,” a voice said as Nate opened another bottle. He turned to see an attractive woman at the bar, two empty glasses in front of her.

“Thanks,” Nate replied. “I haven’t done much yet. Just a bit of a tidy up.”

“It looks so much brighter in here,” she said, eyes open wide as she leaned over the bar and tapped Nate lightly on the arm.

Nate jumped at the unexpected contact and glanced over to Jeannie, who was watching him. She looked away and resumed her conversation. Nate poured wine into the two glasses on the bar.

“I’m glad you like it,” he mumbled.

“I do,” the woman said. “How would you like to host my fiftieth birthday party? Just a few friends.”

“Liv, don’t be silly.”

Nate hadn’t seen Debbie, but she appeared and took the woman named Liv with one hand and pulled her away. Liv grabbed her glass as she went.

“They’re not set up here for parties. The Goose is better suited to what you need, don’t you think? What exactly are you looking for?” She questioned her whilst Nate looked on.

“A white wine, please.”

It was Jeannie, clutching her purse. She followed his gaze.

“Don’t worry about her,” she said, nodding towards the women.

Nate looked at Liv.

“It’s OK. She’s not my type,” he said.

Jeannie fixed him with a look.

“I meant, don’t worry about Debbie trying to steal the party from you.”

“Oh!” Nate didn’t know where to look and his hands shook as he tried to get the cork out of the bottle. He sprayed soda over the bar.

“I’m sorry,” he said, patting it with a towel, nearly knocking over her wine.

When he looked at Jeannie she was trying not to giggle. She sipped her drink as Nate attempted to recover some dignity.

“Debbie,” he said, clearing his throat. “I’ve met a few like her in my years in the trade. Pretends to be friends with the customers but is really only after the money.”

Jeannie placed her glass on the bar.

“I think you’ve summed her up very well,” she said.

“I’ll get the party booking,” Nate said.

“I hope you do.” Jeannie grinned.

They chatted some more and then it was time for Nate to ring the bell.

Alison Cook