Countdown To Christmas – Episode 15

YES, Jasmine, that’s right, you and Caitlin take two steps forward. Now do your little twirl . . . Well done!” Megan was coaching the two tiniest girls in the Rainbows while Carole supervised the older girls.“But look at them,” she said to Megan. “Do they look like they need my help? I might get them to give me some lessons before Ken’s office Christmas party!”“That’s the TV generation for you,” Megan consoled her. “They see all these fabulous dancers in music videos and on talent shows, and they learn it all just like that!” She snapped her fingers. “I wonder if little girls still dream of being ballet dancers?” she mused. “That was all I wanted when I was their age.”Carole was nodding in instant understanding.“I was going to ride ponies and win millions of rosettes when I grew up.”Megan looked at her with interest.“Did you have riding lessons, then?”“Nope! I’ve no idea where I got the notion from, since we lived in the middle of a housing estate miles from the nearest field!”“Dreams, though, eh? What would we do without them?” Megan said wistfully.The little hall was cosily warm, the girls happily concentrating on getting their steps right while Megan and Carole oversaw from the side. Something about it all encouraged intimacy and confidences.“We all need dreams,” Carole agreed. “So, what’s the deal with you and Nick Evans? Anyone can see he’s nuts about you. Has he asked you out yet?”A pretty blush rosied Megan’s cheeks.“Actually, he has.”Carole looked satisfied.“I knew it! So when and where? Tell me everything.”“There’s nothing much to tell,” Megan confessed. “I said no.”Carole swivelled in her seat to stare at her.“What? But why? And don’t try to tell me you don’t like him, because I know that would be a big fat lie.”Wriggling uncomfortably, Megan looked anywhere but at her friend.“It’s . . . complicated.”Carole rolled her eyes.“Please, not that old chestnut! Guy likes girl, girl likes guy what’s complicated about that? Unless . . . you’re not married, are you? You haven’t run way from home and left a husband pining behind you?”In spite of herself, Megan giggled. She did like Carole!“Not exactly.” She went on to give the other girl a potted history of her and Ryan: their romance, their engagement, their break-up.“Give me a minute,” Carole said when she finished. She stood up to restore order where a minor squabble had broken out among the bigger girls, over who should be in the centre of the front row as they took their final bow.“It’s Jasmine and Caitlin. You know they’ve been practising, and we’re not changing that now. No more arguments, OK? Now, it’s looking terrific, girls, it really is, but I just want to see that last section again. Shanice, watch your footwork on the turn, and Jolene, I want you to keep an eye on little Stacey in front of you, just till she’s sure of these last few steps. And . . . begin!”


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