The End Of The Rainbow – Episode 29

Josh stood up.“Try not to worry about your mother. We’ll put our thinking caps on and work something out.”Adam smiled.“I do have one bit of news Kirsty’s back. I had a note from her today. She’s staying at Aunt Jenny’s, afraid to go home. Faither’ll go mad when he finds out she left the Grange.”Josh’s face lit up.“That is good news. Life’s been dull without Kirsty, and, if nothing else, her coming back to Glasgow will cheer you up.”Adam bridled.“I don’t need cheering up.”“Face like a wet Monday for ages now, my friend.”“Kirsty will need to find work.” Adam made an attempt to divert him.“Mrs Dinnimont needs help! The last maid left. And Constance is finding it hard. She’s not used to . . .”Without warning, Adam turned on him.“My sister’s no’ a charity case, Josh. And I want Constance kept out o’ this.”Adam’s speech had roughened with the surge of anger that threatened to engulf him. All at once, Josh understood. For Adam, Constance stood in a charmed circle. She must not be reminded of his struggle to be accepted and Kirsty was part of that.“It’s Constance, isn’t it? What’s wrong? There’s been something hanging in the air since the night of the party.”Adam nodded miserably.“Yes. But it’s getting late, Josh. We’ll talk some other time.”Before Josh could respond, he had gone.Next morning, Adam came into the kitchen to find that Josh was already up and about and had begun preparing breakfast. His hair was tousled, his eyes red-rimmed.“Couldn’t sleep,” he muttered. “As well to get up, I thought.”As the two began to eat and to fortify themselves with strong tea, Josh smiled at Adam.“Thanks for listening to my life story last night. Telling someone I trust has lightened the burden a bit.”He fixed Adam with a penetrating look.“And now, Constance?” There was no escape from the honest concern of Adam’s friend.“I declared myself to her, Josh.”“And?”“She says she’s not ready to make a commitment.”“Her mother hasn’t got at her, surely?”“It’s worse than that.” Adam shrugged. “Ambitions have to be realised, it seems, before the matter can even be raised with her. In the meantime, Constance is to be my friend, nothing more.”Josh was staring at him.“Ambitions? What does she mean?”“Hers and mine, she says. ‘All our emotions must be poured into our painting until we achieve success’.”“But love’s not like that!” Josh exclaimed. “Love won’t wait it can’t be denied, Adam!”Adam put his head in his hands.“Meanwhile, she’s a very cool friend, one who hardly speaks to me.”“That’s surely a good sign.” Josh’s optimism came to the fore once again. “She’s having to keep her feelings for you in check. Remember that.”Further conversation was ended by the sudden arrival of Kirsty, who came in the back door like a whirlwind.“Thought I’d make an early start, for I’ll need to find a new situation afore the day’s oot,” she announced, beaming at the warmth of the welcome she received.Being Kirsty, she had two part-time situations in her apron pocket by the end of the day one with Mrs Dinnimont, the other with Miss Downie. It paid less, but came with an attic room next to Constance’s studio. Constance was delighted, and Adam Gray felt the first stirrings of hope warm his heart once again . . .


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