The End Of The Rainbow – Episode 54

Josh jumped down from the wagon and held out his arms.“Jump!” he instructed. “I’ll catch you.”Laughing, Kirsty threw herself into his arms and he held her fast.The farmer, who had let them ride on his haycart all the way from Glasgow, leaned over.“My, it’s great tae be young. I can juist aboot mind it masel’!”Josh glanced fondly at his companion, who was wearing her yellow dress and a straw sunbonnet with daisies round the crown.“A day in the country with a pretty girl. I can’t think of anything better I’m a lucky man.” He smiled at her, tucking her arm into his.“Where are we goin’?” Kirsty asked after they’d walked along the grass verge for a while.“Wherever the notion takes us, my love.” Josh bent down and gave her a fleeting kiss.“Bein’ on our own is enough, Josh. It’s hard in Glasgow, keepin’ our secret, an’ all. We never seem tae be on our own.”“I’m more than ready to tell the world our secret, Kirsty and to get married now. You’re the one who won’t tell.”“It’s no’ the right time,” she said firmly.They rested for a while in the shade of a tree. Ahead, the grass dipped into a little valley and they could see the roofs of a cluster of houses shimmering in the summer sun.“We’ll walk down to the village and see if they’ve a tearoom.” Josh was beginning to feel hunger pangs.“We should have brocht a picnic,” Kirsty commented, ever practical.But as they sat there, with their arms around each other, content in the beauty that surrounded them, thoughts of practical things were lost.****I have something for you.” All afternoon, Josh had been waiting for the right moment. “Close your eyes and give me your hand.”Kirsty felt a ring slip on to the third finger of her left hand.“My mother’s ring.” His oice was quiet. “A token of my love for you, Kirsty Gray . . . and of our betrothal.”She opened her eyes. On her finger was a band of emeralds and diamonds, beautiful in its simplicity, its brilliance flashing in the sunlight.“Oh, Josh!”As she kissed him and pressed her cheek to his, he felt her tears. For a long time, they stayed locked in happy silence.Josh Glenavon felt the warmth of sheer joy well up in him as it had never done before. He did not want this moment to end . . .Much later, as they reached the village, their hunger pangs had returned but there was just one street, no tearoom and the place seemed to be deserted.“What bonnie wee houses!” Kirsty was enthusiastic.He shaded his eyes against the sun.“I can see folk in the fields up there,” he said.“It’s a fine day.”They spun round. A cheery-faced old woman was sitting on a cottage doorstep enjoying the sun.“Are ye frae the city?” she asked them amiably.Josh didn’t answer. His eyes were fixed on a wire traybeneath a half-open window.“Scones!” he said longingly.


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