The End Of The Rainbow – Episode 83

Their daughter safely deposited at the Grange and their son settled down for his nap, Constance and Adam brought out a rug and spread it in the shade of a tree. For a while, they listened to the summer sounds of the garden, Adam’s arm round his wife, her head resting on his shoulder. They talked about their planned summer trip to Bellagio, and the little house that Giacomo had found for them to rent for a month. They’d gone there for their honeymoon, and every summer of their marriage since.With a wary glance at her husband, Constance brought up the subject of stopping for a few days in Paris.“We could go to see your painting in that Paris gallery. It’s been exhibited for more than a year now. Remember how excited Rhuari was when he wrote to tell us about it, and how it was in all the newspapers? It’s made you famous. And everybody seems to have seen it except us!”There was no reply, so she went on.“Le Rve the dream. Such a lovely name for a painting.”Adam thought fleetingly of Madeleine, of how he had almost lost Constance because of the French girl.“It’s not that important, Constance. It belongs to the past. I’ve painted better.” He planted a kiss on the top of her head. “Paris can wait. There’s lots to do. And when I finish the painting of my lovely wife, I have no doubt that that will end up in a gallery as well!”The subject was discarded, and talk turned to the Glasgow gallery that Sir Hugh had bought for Josh as a wedding gift.“The new project we’ve set up, to give exhibition space to promising young artists, is working really well. There’s such a lot of talent at the art school just now.”Constance listened while her husband let his enthusiasm have free rein.“One of the boys started off just like me,” he said thoughtfully. “A scholarship, and no other means of support. Two of his paintings have just been sold. I know how he must be feeling.”“I’m proud of you . . . and Josh,” Constance told him quietly. Adam was lost in thought for a moment or two, then he laughed.“Do you remember our very first exhibition?” he asked. “Trying to get ready in time, the paint still not dry on half the exhibits when they were hung!”Smiling, they savoured the memory for a while.The talk turned then to Aunt Letty’s newest venture her art group, where she taught a little gathering of interested ladies the rudiments of water-colour painting.“Your mother is beginning to show promise,” Constance said admiringly. “Aunt Letty says she’s by far the best in the group. So that’s where you take your talent from!” she teased Adam.“I knew it wasn’t from Faither!” He laughed.Constance looked at her watch.“Quiet time over,” she said briskly, tugging the rug. “Up you get, Adam Gray. I’ve just remembered Kirsty, Josh and the boys will be here the day after tomorrow. I’ve rooms to get ready and things to do. You’ll have to help.”“I suppose you’ll give me a list, just in case I sneak off to do a bit of painting?” She looked up at him, eyes twinkling.“Quite so. And you, Adam Gray, will be responsible for the two boys. You and Josh can find lots of interesting things for your nephews to do, so that they won’t get into mischief.”“Impossible!” Adam laughed, and then, arms round each other, he and Constance went back to the house.


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