The Factory Girls – Episode 18

They flocked in from all over the town all the girls, their families, their friends, their friends’ friends. Clearly Jonathan’s posters had helped, but it was more than that. Carol had been right about Cardill’s being much more than just a business. The people of Deveroe cared about the factory as much as she did, and that thought gave her extra courage as she climbed on to a packing table to address them all.She looked around at the faces turned expectantly her way, and saw the human map of Deveroe before her. There was a huddle of pensioners, probably on their way to the bowling club down by the river. There were a lot of men, mainly those made redundant from the concrete works last year, and her girls were preening themselves silly as a result. There were young mothers with babies in their arms and even a smattering of people from the local shops and offices, who had clearly been granted a break to come and support the factory. Carol noted reporters from the two local newspapers in the corner and, smiling, raised her hands for hush.“Thank you so much, all of you, for coming today. The amazing turnout just proves how much Cardill’s means to the community of Deveroe and how vital it is that we fight to keep it open.”Everyone cheered enthusiastically and she smiled.“Nearly every family in this town has someone employed here, and they have done for well over a hundred years. That’s the sort of loyalty that counts for a lot, even in modern industry, and we’re going to make Xion see that.”One of the reporters was scribbling furiously and the other held up a Dictaphone, clearly to catch Carol’s every word. She swallowed.“But doing that will be hard. We need to be smart and we need to be national. We need coverage in the Press and on social media. We will be forming a committee to run the campaign and would welcome all ideas and contacts. Just collar someone after this meeting or bring ideas to the office any time. But make it soon! We’ve only got until the end of the month and we need to make all those city chaps see what real life is like. Here at Cardill’s we don’t just sew undies, we sew lives.”That line had seemed rather corny when she’d dreamed it up in her office, but it sounded good now. Cheers rang out again but Carol felt exhausted. She looked round for Ina, who smiled.“Come on down, love, you deserve a cup of tea.”That, however, wasn’t going to happen any time soon. Carol was swamped with people wanting to share their ideas and, even with Helen and Dana taking frantic notes, it was a long time before the factory began to empty and they could finally sit down and digest it all. Even so, Carol felt quietly triumphant. The campaign had begun.


Used to make posts more anonymous, eg a criminal case where you don’t want to expose the actual journalist.