The Factory Girls – Episode 44

Helen’s enthusiasm was lovely, especially as she’d been so down when she brought the papers in earlier. But perversely it made Dana instantly wary. Look where their last bright idea had got them!“It’s an idea, that’s all,” she said hastily. “But you would need to do some serious sums.”“You?” Helen blinked. “Don’t you mean ‘we’?”“Well . . .”“Forget the ‘Save Our Factory’ committee, Dana. What we need now is a ‘New Enterprise’ committee, right?”“I guess so.”“Teamwork, that’s what will count. Are you any good at sums?”Dana’s eyes crept to her bag again. The “A” seemed almost to glow through the canvas.“Not bad, I guess.”Helen peered at her.“What aren’t you telling me, Dana Tims?”“Nothing.”“I’m your supervisor, girl. I’m trained to spot when people are talking rubbish, and I say that’s exactly what you’re doing now.”Dana held her breath. Should she tell Helen? Could she tell Helen? The only person in the whole world who knew about her degree, bar her tutors, was Jonathan, and that was only because he’d caught her studying. Yet she was getting sick of secrets. Sean had confided in her about his dreams the other night, so perhaps she should tell him and her other brothers about hers. In that case, why not try it out on Helen first? Dana took a deep breath.“I’m doing an accountancy course,” she whispered.Helen leaned closer.“Sorry?”Dana repeated the words, but when Helen looked shocked she berated herself. No doubt Helen would think she was a snob, or an idiot. “That’s brilliant, Dana!”“You really think so?”“Really. Why shouldn’t you? So how is it going?”Dana flushed.“Really good, actually. I mean, some of it’s tough, but it’s OK.”“Good on you! But, Dana, why are you so worried about Cardill’s if you’re going to be a hot-shot acc ”“Ssh! There’s nothing hot-shot about me, Helen. I need my wages to complete my degree. Besides, I don’t want to leave Deveroe, do I? Mum and Dad loved it here. They did a lot for the town. Dad was on the parish council, you know.”“I know,” Helen agreed softly. “But don’t you think they would have loved to see you pursuing a career that matters to you? I know I will, when my kids grow up.”Dana felt hot suddenly and uncomfortable.“Maybe, but the point is moot, anyway, if I can’t afford to finish the course.”“You could get a loan.”“No! Dad always warned us against loans. He hated even having a mortgage.”“But isn’t part of financial management about taking risks? Investment and all that?”Dana shrugged. Taking the degree was scary enough; deciding what to do with it afterwards was a whole other matter.“Isn’t break over?” she said quickly, wanting to end the conversation.No-one else was moving yet, but Helen took the hint.“You do it however you want, Dana,” she said, placing a gentle hand on Dana’s arm. “And I won’t tell a soul, I promise, especially if you help me with some sums!”She winked and Dana relaxed again.“Happy to,” she agreed.


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