The Ladies Of Eastgarrow – Episode 14

Thomas made enquiries in parishes between London and the coast, using every contact he had, but in the end it was an aunt of Em’s who provided further information.“My aunt Sarah is a good woman,” Em told Thomas. “She hates the barbarous way men and women are treated in our prisons, with no help to improve themselves or even to get food. Aunt Sarah knew the name of our murderer or rather not our murderer because he has been in Lewes Prison since the tenth day of August this year! He was taken in another robbery at Croydon.”“So he cannot have been at the top of the Garrow cliff on the day in September when Delaine died!” Thomas exclaimed.“But I think that Weir did find Mr Delaine. I think he was in Garrow that day in August, before he went burgling at Croydon. Mr Delaine knew that the second apprentice had made the faulty gun which injured Weir. I believe Mr Delaine successfully explained this to Daniel Weir, who went away satisfied.”“He’ll hunt down the idiot apprentice when he gets out of Lewes Gaol, no doubt,” Thomas said.“Which is not our concern. Our concern is that we are no nearer to knowing who was with Mr Delaine at the head of the cliff, and who pushed him off it.”


Em felt that they had reached a dead end in their attempts to set Lady Louisa’s mind at rest. Her Ladyship was less ill, but terribly listless, and Em knew that it was uncertainty which tormented her. If the criminal could be brought to book, she could settle in her mind what had happened, and cease worrying about the rest of the household.“You have been such a help,” Lady Louisa said to Em one day in October, “and a comfort. Jenny sees that my every need is tended to.” She smiled. “So much so that sometimes I long to send her away! And meanwhile you do everything you can to solve this puzzle.”“For Mr Delaine’s sake,” Em said.A shadow passed over Lady Louisa’s face. “Well, if it is not to be, then we must all pick up the pieces and carry on. You, Em, must go to see your family. I think you were planning such a visit before all this happened. I don’t think you have been home since . . .?”“Since June, my Lady.”“June! That’s bad. Your mother will be pining. I know how I miss my Edward and how sweet it is to have Celestine by my side. So go. Where is it your mother lives?”“At St Leonard’s, my Lady,” Em said.


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