Story Starter: Shells

Story Starter is the title for my new thing posting random pictures that I hope will inspire stories. As I’ve said before, the story they might inspire you to write may have no obvious relation to the pic as your thoughts go off at a tangent, but that’s good. That’s creative. That’s the point!

So, today’s pic. It’s a collection of shells on a window sill. It made me wonder. I assume they’ve been arranged just because they look pretty and arty. But what if there’s something more to them? Each one has been gathered because it represents.what? A day? A date? Waiting for something.? And who picked them up? What if they’d been stones instead of shells?

Or do they make you think of the beach they were gathered from? Here or somewhere far flung?

You’ll have your own ideas, and no doubt every idea will be different. Which is fabulous!