Writing Prompt Story Starter: Mother’s Day

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For this story starter I have chosen Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day stories in the “Friend” are classed as special event stories. If you are looking for story ideas, such days/events can prove fruitful.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day. Any celebration or holiday or can be useful for possible stories. Christmas is the main one that springs to mind, but there are also the likes of Father’s Day, Easter and Hallowe’en.

If you are feeling extra creative, there are lots of leftfield choices, too. For example, World Giraffe Day (June 23) and even Sausage Roll Day! (June 5.)

As always, if you are writing around a special event, send your stories into the “Friend” in plenty of time – six months in advance. If you miss one deadline, there is always the following year to target. If you are in any doubt, ask your editor, who will only be too happy to help.

Mum knows best

Fridge magnets are funny and often truthful. For mums, can you think of a phrase that sums up your mum? It might be something amusing, poignant or a reflection of love. Then, can you incorporate those thoughts into a story?

Here are some story ideas featuring mums.

  • A mum is fed up running around after her family, so on Mother’s Day she disappears to do her own thing – but what?
  • Mothering Sunday started way back in the 16th century when servants were allowed a day off to be with their families, returning home to their “mother” church.
  • What happens when someone has two mums on Mother’s Day – does happiness or hilarity ensue?

Whether you decide to write a story around Mother’s Day or another special event, memories and imagination can combine to bring the story to life.

How you fill out the blank page is entirely up to you.

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