Story Starter: Bins!

Photo: Shirley Blair

It’s a familiar sight: a row of recycling bins outside a gateway. There’s something about the very orderly nature of these that caught my eye, and the fact that they’re army green….It suggests (to me anyway) something slightly regimental.

It also suggests neighbourly harmony, perhaps? Which leads to the classic story-prompt question of, “What if -?”

I’m keeping it as brief as that today because I forgot to do this, I was so busy clearing out a drawer of paperwork ready for our move next month to our spiffy new premises. Or rather, they’re our old premises but they’ve been totally spiffed up. Anyway, I forgot to do this and it’s almost home-time now. Just a few stragglers left in the department, tidying up loose ends or exchanging weekend plans. Quite a nice time of day, actually. Quiet.

So, over to you to see what this image does for you creatively.

Have a good weekend!