“If Vicki didn’t come to see me life wouldn’t be so pleasant”

Ninety-year-old Sheila has lived on her own since her husband died. She needed treatment following a stroke and volunteer Vicki has been visiting Sheila since she came home from hospital. The stroke caused Sheila to have problems with her balance, which meant she was having frequent falls. She says Vicki’s visits have helped improve her confidence and enabled her to get on with her life: “I’ve been a little bit down in the dumps since being in hospital. I don’t go out on my own because I don’t have the confidence. The first time Vicki came she took me into Thornbury. We had a coffee and I was able to do some shopping and pick up my pension.”


Vicki goes to see Sheila once a week and between them, they decide what they want to do: “We don’t always go out. Last week she made me a cup of tea and we had a biscuit and chatted, which was very nice. I’m on my own – I have friends who keep in touch but it’s not the same as having someone in the house. “I’ve been a widow for thirty years so I’m used to my own company, but you can get fed up and lonely at times. When you spend hours on your own you can get a bit edgy. Vicki’s visits help me relax, she’s that sort of person. If Vicki didn’t come life wouldn’t be so pleasant.”

Vicki’s visits have helped Sheila relax and enjoy life again.

Georgia Wood

Georgia works as part of the magazine marketing team. She loves that her job is very varied, every day is different working across all of DCT Media's magazines. She likes trying new things, from cooking to crafting, she's currently learning to knit!