5 of the Best Easter Craft Ideas

Easter craft ideas

Easter means the children or Grandchildren are around more, keep little hands busy with these great Easter craft ideas.

My friend has 3 children under 7 and they all like to keep busy when they are off school and nursery, she pointed me towards these great craft ideas for small children.

They are easy to follow, and most can be made without trips to specialist craft shops to collect the necessary tools. My personal favourite are the Glove Bunnies, super easy to make, not to mention making great use of those odd gloves around the house.

Glove bunnies

easter craft ideas


Potato Printing

easter craft ideas


Painted rocks

easter craft ideas


Easter Hats for Children to make

easter crafts


Bunny and Chick Favours

Easter crafts


If you feel in the mood to make even more Easter treats then try our posts on Easter Bonnets, and Easter Wreath or for those writer’s among you, try this classic Easter themed Story Starter 


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