Features Sneak Peek: July 14, 2018 issue

The Scottish Borders have so much worth exploring, including glorious Manderston House.

It’s absolutely stunning, and Willie’s in the area on a visit to the historic town of Duns this week.

Willie’s not the only one at a historic house, either, as Gillian Thornton spends a day at Mount Grace Priory, where green fingers have brought back to life a heritage garden.

Booking is open now for Shirley’s Story-writing Workshops, so turn to page 43 and reserve your spot.

Ahead of our new Hand of Friendship campaign beginning next week, we’ve got another heartening catch-up with Lisa Ashton from the Winnie Mabaso Foundation.

And we’ve also got a cat that thinks it’s a sheepdog. Well, Bodacious now lives on a farm, and he considers his role a bit more supervisory than actually getting his paws dirty. We catch up with his owner, Suzanna, for a chat about how the two of them met.

With St Swithin’s Day on Sunday, I take a quick look at the folklore behind the old saying. Apparently, it’s never actually been right – but could this be the first year it is? We’ve had hardly had a drop of rain in weeks up here.

Oh, and don’t miss our book recommendations for the month!


Alex Corlett

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