Jute, Jam And Journalism

dark dundee

Dundee has a real buzz about it these days – the V&A has seen to that.

I’m sure many column inches will be filled in magazines and newspapers about the many delights to be found in this stunning award-winning building – our very own Liz is having a trip there very soon, so watch this space.

dark dundee

The city is known as the home of jute, jam and journalism, but it has so much more to offer today – tourism for one thing. And one attraction I recently attended was the “Dark Dundee” tour to underground vaults. Along with hearing tales of old Dundee, brought to life wonderfully well by guides Stuart and Louise, we were also shown printing paraphernalia left behind by a printing firm that once stood there.

Journey Of Print

The term “off the stone” harks back to the days when things were a bit more primitive compared to today’s publishing world. I couldn’t resist taking these pictures just to share a glimpse of not only Dundee’s past but how far printing methods have come on.

dark dundee

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Yvonne McKenzie

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