A Perfect Match

Before deciding on which establishment is best suited for a PAT volunteer and their dog, there are a few things to consider.

For example, some dogs who are more accustomed to quiet environments would feel happier in a relaxed nursing home than in a hectic hospital ward.

Pets that don’t often come into contact with children may be uncomfortable in a school.

PAT volunteers must also feel at ease. Pets As Therapy listens to their volunteers and supports them, helping them find appropriate establishments to visit.

Anyone interested in becoming a PAT volunteer should be aware there is no set requirement on how often you undertake visits on behalf of Pets As Therapy – if you can only give up half an hour a week, that’s still great.

Petting a PAT pet

But if you are only able to volunteer for an hour every month, perhaps one evening or at the weekend, then that’s OK, too.

If a visit is regular, then it’s sure to be greatly appreciated by staff and residents.

An ideal visit would be to an establishment that is within a short distance by car or bus, or just a walk from a home or workplace.

It then becomes easier to include the volunteering as part of a normal routine.

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