Knitting Preview: March 30, 2019 issue

Look a dream in cream in this textured top.

The Technical Stuff

This week’s top is worked in Rico Alpaca Dream DK, a yarn offering a touch of luxury with a high wool and alpaca content. Find out more about it at

We have instructions for eight sizes ranging from 81 cm (32 ins), to 117 cm (46 ins). Actual size is around 9 – 10 cm (3½ – 4 ins) bigger so it is quite a snug fit. If you prefer a looser style, consider going up a size.

The ribbon stitch pattern on the front is worked over 16 rows, some of which are garter-stitch.

Keep counting and use stitch markers and you will be fine.

This is the perfect spring top – lightweight and soft to the touch. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Liz O’Rourke

Liz is part of our Features Team and her hobbies include knitting and crafts, reading and foreign travel which are also her main responsibilities on the “Friend”. If you walk into the office you will soon spot her desk, it’s the one piled high with knitwear and balls of yarn!