Writing Prompt Story Starter: Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom

I didn’t take this week’s Writing Prompt Story Starter image. It came in an email from one of my writers, Annie Harris.

I was in touch to buy one of her stories – actually one that she wrote in response to a story illustration I’d sent her. I sent her four as story starters, a while back, and she’s written a cracking story for each and every one of them. So that worked well.

Anyway, when I wrote, she replied at 6.42 the next morning! And I commented that they were up early – when I read it after 9, by the way. Turned out she and her husband were just off out for the day. “It’s a beautiful morning here so we’re celebrating by going to Batsford Park in the Cotswolds. There was an item on the local TV news last night about the National Collection of cherry trees (the most outside Japan) and they are in full flower, best ever.”

Early Birds

These early birds got to Arboretum as they opened at 9. By the time they left 3 hours later the car park/overflow and overflow overflow were all packed – the power of TV.

Annie was kind enough to send me a couple of pics afterwards to brighten my office day and as you can see, it was indeed a beautiful day and the trees were splendid.

And all that makes me think of stories. Planing meticulously to get there before everyone else – and everyone else has the same idea. Or planning meticulously – and not hearing the alarm. Bank holidays when everyone hits the road early.

The pic also makes me think of bridal whites and bridal flowers and confetti.

And it makes me think of Japan…It’s ages since we’ve had a story set there.

With thanks to A&T for their permission to use their lovely pic.

Shirley Blair

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