Are You Ready For 30 Days Of Wild?

30 Days Of Wild

We all have the occasional day when anything that could possibly go wrong . . . goes wrong. I find that the best way to work off the stress of these days is to head out and walk off it off.

There’s therapy to be had when you cover ground. And with each step in the fresh air those niggling troubles evaporate . . .

That’s why it’s great that we’re hearing more and more about GPs dishing out “green prescriptions” rather than pills.

It’s also great to hear that The Wildlife Trusts’ annual nature challenge is back for its fifth year.

30 Days Wild is designed to encourage as many people as possible to be at one with nature — by doing one “wild” thing every day for a month.

Last year, the initiative was enormously successful. More than 350,000 people took part, pledging to experience nature every day during June.

If every person who signed up with their family, school or business carried out “30 Random Acts of Wildness”, that would mean a massive 10 million special moments with nature. From pop-up nature tables to creating a bee watering-hole, there are hundreds of easy ways to connect with the environment around you.

It’s a great way to spend quality time with the ones you love away from distractions like mobile phones and television.

Last year, a volunteer working at a group of care homes decided to take part in the campaign with residents. Feedback on the activities — which she tailored specifically to suit the needs and capabilities of the participants — was positive and enthusiastic.

After this success, 30 Days Wild will this year pilot a pack specifically tailored for care homes.

Picture Courtesy of Penny Dixie.

Some activities participants can attempt include:

  • Creating a wind mobile or bird feeder
  • Exploring and identifying wildflowers growing nearby
  • Making the most of the good weather and eating breakfast, lunch or dinner outside together
  • Spotting shapes in the clouds

If you’d like some more ideas, then it’s worth visiting the Wildlife Trusts website.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to go wild!

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Yvonne McKenzie

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