“The Whisper Man” by Alex North

the whisper man

The title “The Whisper Man” invokes a real air of mystery.

And as it happens, the author of book is a bit of a mystery, too. He’s decided to remain anonymous and use a pseudonym.

If you like a touch of Stephen King mixed with British crime, then this is for you.

It tells the story of Tom Kennedy — an author who is still reeling from the death of his wife — and his young son, Jake, who move to the sleepy town of Featherbank to make a fresh start.

Jake is a quiet and rather deep child. He has an imaginary friend and the need to shun everyone around him.

Featherbank, too, has a troubled past. 15 years before our main characters moved there, a serial killer dubbed “the Whisper Man” was eventually caught and is now in prison. Then, when a boy goes missing in similar circumstances to previous crimes, the police begin to fear the worst.

Did the Whisper Man have an accomplice?

Add that to the fact that Jake is hearing voices at his window, and is starting to act rather strangely . . .

If you’re lonely, sad and blue, The Whisper Man will come for you

This is a spooky read, but also holds its own as a police procedural novel, so it keeps everyone happy.

North adds depth to his characters — in particular through the difficult relationship between Tom and his son. Tom tries to be the best he can for his son, but there’s a distance and an underlying tension that makes the characters that little bit more believable.

If you like to read books that make you double check that your doors and windows are locked at night, this is for you!

“The Whisper Man” is available from Amazon and other outlets.

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