Writing Prompt Story Starter: Sunflowers

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I had my camera at the ready this lunchtime, looking for a Writing Prompt Story Starter.

Today’s pic is these three sunflowers. And it literally is today’s picture: I took it on my lunchtime walk, as the rain dried up and the sun almost shone.

At first glance it made me think of three little maids in a row . . .

And sisters. Siblings. Maybe even triplets, vying for seniority. I liked that they’re almost identical but not quite.

Not quite the same height. Not quite the same glorious array of golden petals. Is there a theme of competition emerging?

About the DCA

The striking green facade in the background is our very fine DCA – Dundee Contemporary Arts.

It houses a selection of design and arts studios, two cinemas, a bar and restaurant. You can do all sorts of classes and workshops there, too: screen printing, woodblock printing, wood engraving, photography. Far too many to list, and for all abilities.

And then you can indulge in an artisan gin cocktail in the bar afterwards. Delish.

The cinemas show “art house” movies as well as popular releases, and they are always queued out.

There’s a gift shop of quirky merchandise, designer hand-crafted jewellery, art books and magazines . . .

It’s a wonderful creative hub right in the heart of the city. In fact, that reminds me of when it was built, in 1999.

They demolished an old garage to make way for it, and put up hoarding around the building site.

Because it was a centre for community involvement, they started the way they would go on and plastered the hoarding with letters that, when rearranged, would spell out a catchphrase describing the centre to come. The prize was free tickets to a future event, I think.

Now, I’m an avid puzzler. So I noted down the letters and set to work with my portable Scrabble set. And ta-da, I worked it out. The letters spelled out Where Art Will Be Part Of The City.

I sent in my entry and was one of about ten winners, I think. Chuffed!

So, any of that inspire a story . . .?

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Shirley Blair

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