Love Darg 2019: Cat Comforters

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“The People’s Friend” Love Darg 2019 for Cats Protection is well underway.

We’ve already published cat toy patterns for our kind-hearted knitters and crocheters, and today we’re looking at cat comforters.

Comforters are security blankets for cats. Each cat in the care of Cats Protection is given one, and it goes with them when they move on.

It’s something familiar to help them settle in a new place.

These comforters are simply squares measuring around 25 cm x 25 cm. They can be knitted or crocheted.

Important Note

Do not use stretchy yarn, yarns that split easily, very fluffy yarns or yarns with sequins or beads.

If you are planning to knit or crochet a comforter for your own pet, Cats Protection suggests you regularly inspect the cat blanket for signs of wear or damage.

The charity also advises against using knitted toys or blankets with cats that have wool-chewing habits.

Love Darg 2019.

Photograph by Cats Protection.


If you are working in a double knitting yarn, check the tension guide on the ball-band. A double knitting square will take about 55/56 stitches and around 70 rows using 3.75 mm (No. 9) or 4 mm (No. 8) needles.

If you would like to work in a chunky yarn, cast on around 34/35 stitches and work about 32 rows using 6 mm (No. 4) or 6.5 mm (No. 3) needles. Again, take your guide from the tension information on the ball-band.

Squares can be worked in garter-stitch (every stitch knitted), stocking-stitch (knit one row, purl one row), in rib (you may need to work with more stitches to do this) or in a mix of textured patterns.

It’s OK to mix colours. Just make sure to stitch in all of the ends very securely, and that the yarns are all of the same weight. This is a great way to use up oddments of yarn.

Remember they are practical items and likely to get dirty, so it’s probably best to avoid very pale shades, and make sure your yarn is machine washable.


If you prefer to crochet a square, we would recommend working in double crochet to create a firm, solid fabric.

As with the knitted squares, avoid loose stitches and make sure all ends are very securely stitched in.

Making a blanket

If you plan to make a lot of squares, Cats Protection will also welcome blankets made of squares stitched very firmly together.

Four rows of five squares for cat hides or two rows of three squares for carrier baskets are the perfect size.

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