“The Redemption Of Alexander Seaton”

The Redemption Of Alexander Smeaton

In “The Redemption Of Alexander Seaton”, we’re in darkest Banff in the 1620s.

Alexander Seaton is a young and fallen minister, treated with reservation by the townsfolk after his tumble from grace.

He quietly goes about his business as a teacher until one night a body is found slumped over his desk in the classroom.

The victim had been spotted earlier that night staggering through the town under the ghostly moonlight.

Was he drunk, or was something more sinister going on?

The victim was a likeable and professional young man . . . so why choose him to suffer a rather gruesome death?

Author S.G. MacLean keeps her pacy crime story moving along expertly, in an era where suspicions about witchcraft, curses and superstitions are rife.

Complicated and dark characters are round every corner, and the historical details are fascinating, too.

Secrets, lies and hidden maps all add to the feeling of mystery and foreboding.

If you enjoyed “His Bloody Project” by Graeme Macrae Burnet, then you’ll love “The Redemption Of Alexander Seaton”.

Pick up your copy today from all good book shops, or on Amazon.

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Tracey Steel

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