World Space Week: Artists, Poets And Musicians

World Space Week

It’s World Space Week, so what better opportunity is there to look to the stars!

“The People’s Friend” was already 100 years old when humans first stepped on the Moon.

We’d already been giving readers a chance to leave reality behind for a little while each week with our fantastic fiction.

But although talk of space travel automatically conjures thoughts of science and engineering, a number of astronauts and cosmonauts over the years have proven themselves to be artists, poets and musicians as well as spacefarers.

Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean became a successful artist in the years after his career as an astronaut.

That’s because walking on the Moon gave him a huge appreciation of his life back on Earth.

“Since then I have not complained about the weather one single time,” he said.

“I’m glad there is weather. I’ve not complained about traffic — I’m glad there are people around.

“I think, ‘boy, why do people complain about the Earth? We are living in the Garden of Eden’.”

A life-changing experience

He wasn’t the only astronaut with a creative side,

Apollo 11’s Michael Collins is a published poet, and he still paints at the age of 88.

His crew member and friend, Neil Armstrong, was an accomplished musician.

He played his ukulele regularly during the two weeks of quarantine they endured after returning from the Moon!

And who can forget Chris Hadfield’s guitar-playing and singing while on the International Space Station?

Al Worden of Apollo 15 has had his poems published, too, in “Hello Earth, Greetings From Endeavour”.

Sometimes photographs just aren’t enough to convey what a life-changing experience it actually is to spend time in space.

Who knows, maybe one of Fiction Ed Shirley’s writing workshops could take place on the Moon in the future?

For more information on World Space Week, click here.

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