Win A Copy Of “The Dairy Diary 2020”

Dairy Diary

The “Dairy Diary” has been a favourite in British households since 1982.

And no wonder!

Not only is it pretty, but it’s eminently practical, too.

The handy A5 format has plenty of writing space, and there are weekly recipes to inspire you in the kitchen.

A sheet of stickers helps you to mark special dates quickly — and spot them at a glance.

There’s also masses of useful information inside.

Want to know how to remove tricky stains such as chocolate or ballpoint pen? The stain removal page will tell you how to tackle these and more.

Need the timing for a roast dinner, conversions for metric measurements or a useful tip for storing leftovers? You’ll find them all in there.

It will even help you plan your household budget.

With all this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that the Dairy Diary has sold more than 30 million copies.

We believe this is because it has remained true to its roots after all these years, just like us. That’s how you build a loyal following!

And now we have 10 diaries for our lucky readers to win. It’s the perfect pre-Christmas treat.

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Marion McGivern

As editor of the cookery, money, pets and eco pages, Marion covers a wide range of regular Features content. Along with the rest of the Team, she enjoys finding interesting features for both the weekly and Special issues that readers will love. Having so much variety every day means that over ten years with the “Friend” has just flown by!