Need A Quirky Gift Idea? Get A Whiff Of This

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Yes, you read that right . . . a range of limited edition seasonal scents from Perfume Direct means fans of a quirky gift could end up smelling like cheese this Christmas Day.

Or even Christmas pudding, or pigs in blankets.

Designed to “pay homage to the nation’s favourite festive foods”, these are apparently ideal for a loved one who really likes to get into the spirit.

No, we’re not entirely sure whether or not this is a wind-up either.

“Scent Of Stilton”

With notes of buttermilk, cheese and phenols, “Scent Of Stilton” is an ode to the iconic British stinky cheese set to grace thousands of dinner tables up and down the country this Christmas.

A cheesy treat indeed, for both fans of food and a grandad’s feet.

“Eau de Christmas Pudding”

Apparently predicted to be the most popular of the three fragrances. Top notes of berries, citrus, almond and apple, complimented by vanilla, clove and cognac, result in a warm, comforting scent that is slightly fruity.

While it may be one of the country’s top festive desserts, there is currently no research to suggest that people would appreciate rubbing it on their necks in lieu of eating it.

“Pigs In Blanket Parfum”

This pork-perfumed scent will leave notes of bacon, sausage, smoked spice and clove on its wearer.

Because nothing says Christmas quite like the inescapable whiff of the burger van at the local carnival.

Get yours today

These seasonal scents are available in a limited edition set of three 10ml bottles and priced at £59.

So if you have a loved one immune to sensory overload, this could be the ideal quirky gift.

Best advise them to lock the dogs in another room first, though.

Buy the perfumes here.

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