Special 186: The Crafting Mini-mag

special 186

Did you notice any errors in the Craft mini-mag in Special 186?

Some readers have.

If you’re not sure which Special we’re talking about, you’ll see the cover above.

There were a couple of mistakes on the cross-stitch projects, and a few people have been asking us about it.

So I thought I’d pop the information up here for everyone to see.

Both projects — the “Home Sweet Home” piece and the kids cross-stitch — feature keys to help you pick the right-coloured threads.

Unfortunately, the numbers we had are slightly out of date. Anchor has since changed its colour codes.

Also, on the kids cross-stitch, the threads are listed as DMC threads in the key, but they are in fact Anchor threads.

Our colleagues over at Aceville have been quick-smart about providing us with the updated colour numbers, and they’re listed below.

We hope this helps you crack on with those lovely projects.

New numbers for the “Home Sweet Home” project

  • Deep Purple (looks dark pink on key, used for centres of mauve flowers) (213) – now 00011
  • Red (119) – now 00047
  • Light Green (207) – now 00253
  • Deep Pink (447) – now 00055
  • Yellow (487) – now 00300
  • Pale Pink (903) – now 00048
  • Burgundy Red (looks brown on key) (45) – now 00020
  • Emerald Green (0227) – now 00230
  • Pale lilac (looks mauve on key) – now 00108
  • White (608) – 00001

Anchor numbers for the Kids Cross-stitch project:

  • For DMC 205 = Anchor 00052 (medium pink)
  • For DMC 903 = Anchor 00048 (pale pink)
  • DMC 207 = Anchor 00253 (pale green)
  • DMC 607 = Anchor 00189 (emerald green)
  • For DMC 119 = Anchor 00334 (red-orange)
  • For DMC 108 = Anchor 00313 (orange)
  • DMC 4195 = Anchor 01086 (brown)
  • DMC 857 = Anchor 00433 (bright blue)
  • For DMC 514 = Anchor 00288 (light yellow)
  • For DMC 104 = Anchor 00293 (slightly orangey light yellow)

Do get in touch with us if you need any more information.

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