Knitting Preview: March 14 issue

knitting preview

We have a quick and easy design for you in this week’s knitting preview.

Need an extra, cosy layer that is practical and stylish? Our gilet fits the bill perfectly.

We have created this to suit all levels of knitter. The gilet is worked mainly in garter-stitch (every row knit) with a stocking-stitch panel at the waist. There is no armhole shaping so you can focus on the simple front slope decreases.

Instructions come in six sizes ranging from 76/81 cm (30/32 ins) to 127/132 cm (50/52 ins). Actual size is around 18/13 cm (7/5 ins) bigger, which will allow a top underneath.

Photograph by Ally Stuart.

The yarn we have used is Stylecraft Life Aran in Grey (2419) a versatile shade which crosses the seasons. Visit to find out more about the yarn and to find your nearest stockist.

Finally, our gilet is finished off with two chunky buttons which can be ordered from Duttons For Buttons. Visit to see their amazing stock.

As well as being quick and easy to make, this gorgeous gilet is inexpensive, too, making it a real winner!

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Liz O’Rourke

Liz is part of our Features Team and her hobbies include knitting and crafts, reading and foreign travel which are also her main responsibilities on the “Friend”. If you walk into the office you will soon spot her desk, it’s the one piled high with knitwear and balls of yarn!