Writing Prompt Story Starter: Mosaic Mermaid

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It’s an arts-based story starter, this week.

It’s fair to say that — while we remain in lockdown — most of us appreciate the opportunity to get out and about in the fresh air even more than usual.

Fiction Team’s Tracey was out and about for her hour’s daily exercise recently when she spotted this little mermaid.

Isn’t she lovely? Named “Merri”, she’s the work of Arbroath-based mum and daughter artist duo, Jilly Henderson and Daisy Stott.

Jilly and Daisy have collected pieces of crockery, pottery, sea glass and shells over the years, and this project has put all those bits and bobs to good use.

It’s also brought a smile to local people in this tricky time.

So let’s think how that could inspire your writing this week.

Time to get started

Tales of the sea. The beach. The shore.

Seagulls, and salty air. Buckets and spades. Sandcastles, and paddling in the water. Sandy sandwiches. Fish and chips, and ice creams.

Legends of the sea; mermaids, and selkies — seals who take human form . . . but must be kept apart from their sealskin, or the sea will call them back.

Sailing, throughout history. Ships, adventurers, smugglers; yachts, canoes, and cruise ships.

Fishermen and fish wives. Fortunes made on the sea, and lost.

Explorers. The RRS Discovery – now at home here in Dundee.

Ferries, joining island dwellers to the mainland.

Sea glass. Shells. Flotsam and jetsam.

Rivers, lakes, and the sea. Troubled waters, or calm.

And, more generally, what about mums and daughters? Collaborating on projects. Teamwork.

A little ray of sun. Hope. A smile, in a difficult time.

Hope this all helps your writing this week.

And if you’re feeling inspired by the sea, The Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther is well worth a visit, once this present crisis is over.

It’s only steps away from the Anstruther Fish Bar and Restaurant. How convenient!

If you’re still looking for inspiration, you’ll find another Writing Prompt Story Starter in our archive.

In fact, you’ll find loads!

Good luck!

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