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Every week for the “This Week We’re Loving” page, one of us here in the Features team rustles up some interesting gadgets that we want to share with you.

But the truth of it is that, at home, I’m not often swayed to buy new tech or fancy toys.

I would love to — but I do a lot of cycling, and that’s an expensive enough hobby as it is. Especially when you’re on the wrong side of 100kg! My bikes have a hard life.

Just as we try to bring you genuinely useful — or sometimes just curious — stuff on the page, though, there are a few absolutely magic inventions I’ve bought that I wouldn’t live without now. And it doesn’t take much to get me enthusiastic about these things.

Recent faves include a kink-free hose, a long-reach apple-picker and these big, grey football-sized things that hang around our picnic table to discourage wasps. Really clever stuff!


I’ve also got an aversion to excessive amounts of stuff as well. Which you wouldn’t believe to look at my desk . . .

If there’s something that can do three jobs, I’d rather have that than three separate bits of kit.

At work, I’m a big fan of my standing desk, which a few of us have now. Once you’ve started standing from time to time, you feel restless when you’re sitting down. I’ve had to alternate between the dining room table and a cabinet to mimic this at home.

I’ve also got a wobble board, which I’m missing dearly. It’s just a wee circular platform with a half ball underneath, so you’ve to balance using your core muscles all the time you’re on it. Genius!

Plus it’s a proper conversation starter as well. A few people have stopped on their way past to have a go!

There was an advert for a jaw exerciser on YouTube the other day. A round ring of rubber that you pop in your mouth and squeeze with your jaw to tone your face.

There’s a good chance that will be one of the gadgets in our August “This Week We’re Loving” pages, as I’m doing them for that month!

What have you got that you never knew existed but now can’t do without?

Tell us about your favourite gadgets and technology, and we might publish your story on our Between Friends page.

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