Welcoming Some Pets For The Week


Mrs Digital Ed and I don’t have any pets, largely due to the fact that I’m allergic to most things with fur.

We did have some guinea pigs in the past, and that’s why we didn’t have too much trouble agreeing to take on my sister-in-law’s cheerful wee cavies for a week.

Our three lodgers are named Bruno (right, above), Shiloh (left, above) and Klaus (below).


Photograph by Claire McDonald.

Even though it’s been quite a while since we had our own pets in the house, it’s amazing how quickly you get used to them.

Particularly the squealing (or wheeking, technically) whenever you open the fridge or rustle a packet!

As we’ve mentioned before, recent research has suggested that we are happiest when we’re with our pets. After this week, this isn’t a surprise to me: Mrs Digital Ed was pretty happy looking after them. Even if they were a little skittish to begin with!


Well, I’m not a great big fan of sneezing all the time. And, as I said on this week’s Facebook Live, they also leave me with unnaturally watery eyes.

But still, it’ll be a bit strange when they’re gone again this weekend. 

Sure, the flat will be cleaner (I have learned not to fling poo on the floor; they’re yet to pick this up).

But it’ll also be a lot quieter, too.

Pets have always been an important part of “The People’s Friend”. Just take a look at our very first pets page, from all the way back in 1881!

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Iain McDonald

Iain is Digital Content Editor at the "Friend", making him responsible for managing flow of interesting and entertaining content on the magazine's website and social media channels.