Book Review: “Love, Lies & Linguine”


We love to support our authors here at the “Friend”, which is why I was delighted to read “Hester & Harriet: Love, Lies & Linguine” by frequent contributor Hilary Spiers.  

Here, two ladies take a break from their comfortable rural life and jet off on holiday to Italy. It’s a bit of a change from their usual summer sojourn to the Scilly Isles!

And we join them at the airport, where Harriet is wondering what’s wrong with her sister. Why is she being so difficult these days . . .

The main storyline here explores precisely what is wrong, and the gradual reveal of the secret hanging between them keeps you reading.

Hilary Spiers writes with an engaging sense of fun. You feel you really are eavesdropping on them as they squabble mildly over their books — and just about everything else — in that way that sisters do.

They’re also in regular touch with home, which means alternating chapters with Daria, the young Belarusian girl they befriended in the first book of this series, and their nephew Ben.

Just enough to keep you guessing

What’s happening with them? Well, Ben’s met a girl, who brings him nothing but trouble. And Daria is doing her best to keep him out of that trouble.

You have to be prepared for some typical young person language here, by the way. Not too much, just enough to have the youngsters sound like youngsters . . .

This is a lively, fresh read, but with heart, too, as Hilary explores and reveals the secret festering between the two sisters.

Throughout, you’re longing for them to rediscover their closeness. And just when you think you know where it’s going, it does what all good stories should.

It changes direction, just enough to keep you guessing.

It all gels together to result in a smashing, satisfying read.

“Hester and Harriet: Love, Lies and Linguine” by Hilary Spiers is out now in Allen & Unwin Paperback Original, £8.99; eBook available.

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Iain McDonald

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