Writing Prompt Story Starter: Ray Of Light

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Our story starter is inspired by a hopeful week.

Vaccine trials are looking promising, and while no one wants to raise hopes prematurely, it’s looking possible that we may soon be able to begin to turn a corner in the fight against coronavirus.

In the eight months since the original lockdown, life has been severely restricted for all of us, with many of us being separated from friends and loved ones.

Different parts of the country are experiencing different levels of restrictions, and with Christmas coming up, we’re all wondering what’s ahead.

So, this week’s story starter is a ray of light.

A ray of sunshine.

Hope in dark times. Light in darkness.

Christmas lights. Fairy lights. Candle light. Torch light.

Something – or someone – to brighten up your day, make you smile. Like our “Close Knit Friends” yarn-bombed bus!

Hoping. Keeping fingers crossed. Wishing.

Sunshine. Streaming through windows – like this stained glass window in Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia, I’ve heard stained glass described as a place where God’s work (daylight) meets man’s work (the craftsmanship), the two coming together to make something new.

Feeling positive for the future. Not being quite sure what the future holds. Something we can all relate to, but more especially at this moment.

Sudden inspiration. Shining a light in the darkness, perhaps.

Hope this helps with your writing this week.

What are we looking for?

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Lucy Crichton

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