Writing Prompt Story Starter: Frozen

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It’s a wintry story starter this week.

There’s been a big change in the weather over the past couple of days.

Just before writing this, I received an email from one of our authors to say it had been snowing where she is, in southern England.

We haven’t had snow yet, but the days are getting shorter, and darker. It was still quite dark here until mid-morning.

And other areas of the UK have experienced “thundersnow” — the phenomenon of a thunderstorm with snow falling instead of rain.

We’re in Advent now, with only three weeks until Christmas, and the rhythm of our working year carries on, too.

That includes taking a break occasionally,  even if all our holidays are at home for the present!

Poetry Ed Abbie had some time to take recently.

When she returned, she sent us some images from walks she’d taken. Isn’t this one lovely?

On ice

So our story starter this week is on the theme of “frozen”.

The weather, and how it affects everything. Winter, and how cold and bare it can seem. “In the bleak midwinter” . . . and yet there’s so much beauty there, too.

“Quiet” weather. No dramatic storms or thunder or lightning; rather, still, cold days. Seeing your breath on frosty mornings.

Frosty — in tone.

Wintering elsewhere. Not an option this year, but in other years. Spending three or four months in warmer climes. Sounding good at the moment!

Plans being “on ice”.

Iced eats . . . cake icing, and iced buns. Ice creams.

Ice: another word for diamonds.

Ships trapped in the ice. Whalers in days gone by, perhaps? Polar exploration. Glaciers. The “Titanic”.

The bonspiel, and winter sports

Winter sports. The Winter Olympics. Ice skating. Skiing.

The “bonspiel“; in Scotland, curling competitions on frozen lochs.

Hope this helps prompt some story ideas this week.

And thanks to Abbie for the lovely image!

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