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The first season of our story podcast, “Reading Between The Lines”, has nearly come to an end!

We’re very pleased with the stories we’ve unearthed. And we’re just as pleased with the reaction of our readers, who’re have been listening in their droves. And even leaving us reviews!

We released our penultimate episode this week, which features a great little story from 1911.

“A Marked Man” follows a stern judge named Sir Gregory Dale. One fairly routine evening, Sir Gregory discovers a man he sentenced has recently been released, and is seeking revenge . . .

It’s a dramatic tale! But its writer shows an impressive self-restraint. He establishes his characters quickly and effectively, and drops just enough hints at the life outside the “action” to add depth and texture to what we’re reading.

I didn’t come away with particularly positive feelings about the main character here, putting me at odds with the rest of the panel (Production Ed JudeyMarion from the Features team and David from our Archives). Regular listeners will know that’s not the first time this has happened!

Historical context

Thanks to Marion’s research, we learned that the story’s author, Paul Herring, had quite a prolific writing career. Despite this, it seems like “A Marked Man” was the only story he submitted for publication in “The People’s Friend”.

I can’t help but feel like we missed out a little!

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