“Find Them Dead” by Peter James

Find Them Dead

I am a big fan of Peter James, so it’s no big surprise that I enjoyed “Find Them Dead”, one of the most recent books in the Roy Grace series.

This particular novel follows a woman called Meg who is called up for jury duty. She is looking forward to it, as she is missing her daughter who is on a gap year in South America. Jury duty will be a good distraction, after all. Or will it?

The trial Meg is participating in is for a major Brighton drug lord. Soon after it starts, her life takes a horrifying turn when she receives a terrifying phone call.

A stranger tells her to make sure the accused walks free or she will never see her daughter alive again.

As the trial continues, Meg is convinced the accused is guilty. She does not want him to be released.

Meg wants to save Laura’s life

However, she receives photos proving that someone is following her daughter. And the stranger keeps calling her, warning her what will happen if the accused goes to prison.

Meg wants to save Laura’s life — but can she let a man who is clearly guilty off the hook, and convince the other jurors to do the same?

“Find Them Dead” is the sixteenth book in the Roy Grace series, and number seventeen (“Left You Dead”) was published this month. That’s on my list of books to read in the near future!

Although these books are part of a series, they can be read independently of one another.

While this was a Roy Grace book, he was not the focus for once. I was a bit disappointed about that.

However, I always find Peter James’s books gripping, and it did make me wonder what I would do if I were in Meg’s shoes . . .

As ever, I found myself unable to pull myself away from the book until I had finished it. A great read!

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