Writing Prompt Story Starter: Patchwork Prompts

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This week, I’ve enjoyed coming up with lots of different writing prompts to kick start your imagination.

I hope one of these leads to a fun writing session for you!

Dialogue prompts

“When I suggested you find a new hobby, I thought you would pick cooking or gardening, not this!”

“I’m not poking around in the garden bins for clippings—just go round and ask them! I’m sure they won’t bite.”

“A festival? At my age? Why not?”

“We spread our message through arts and crafts. You’d be good at it. We don’t have anybody here who can do what you do.”

“It’s traditional for the father to dance with the bride at the wedding, but I’ve never danced in my life. Not even at my own wedding. Please, can you help me?”

“Mum, I forgot! For costume day I want to be a fireman! It’s tomorrow!”

Other writing prompts

“I didn’t give it too much thought until later. By that time, it was almost definitely too late to say no.”

“As commuters piled on to the train around her, she stood still as a stone. Then she turned and fought her way back through the crowd.”

“When she told her son that he could invite a friend over after school, she hadn’t expected the friend to have quite so much fur.”

“I’d saved and scrimped for years to buy it. I didn’t want to share.”

“Although he had no evidence, he was sure his rival had something to do with it.”

“The award sat on her mantel, gold and impressive. She thought it would feel good. But it only reminded her of her lie.”

“The trip to Rome was supposed to rekindle something, but so far he only felt more alone than ever.”

“After the year they’d had, they needing luck, and lots of it, if they were to get the play ready in time.”

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Abigail Phillips

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