Writing Prompt Story Starter: Perspective

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This week’s Story Starter is about Perspective.

I once when to a stargazing tour, where the guide got us to lay down on the floor and said “You may think you’re lying flat and still right now, but you’re actually on the edge of the earth, travelling through space at around 67,000 mph”. We often hear that conversation about the immensity of the universe can make one feel small. It certainly did to me on that day.

Perspective and the way it affects one’s thinking

Maybe your character faces a difference of opinion and changes his point of view, or stick by it while appreciating the other’s point of view.
Perhaps, to change perspective, your character needs to go on a journey himself. After all, ideas jolt better when in movement. Going for a walk, commuting somewhere could lead your character to reflect on a situation.

Reaching new heights brings a little perspective

From a clifftop, a skyscraper, a cairn or a plane, seeing earth from above is refreshing. Could it lead to a break through? What if your character is afraid of heights?

Observing the tiny details around us to gain perspective

What would you character think of a small ant carrying a huge load, a drop of water on the verge of falling, a glitter of sunshine on the grass…

Could something insignificant in appearance trigger a much bigger reaction from your character? What would it be?


It’s a matter of personality

Or maybe it’s just a matter of inner personality. Maybe your character has a rich inner life, a growing imagination that always goes above and beyond? In France, when someone is a little distracted, we say that this person is “in the moon” (Not on the moon, it’s “in” the moon!) That’s pretty poetic if you ask me, and ties well with this illustration.
Are you often “in the moon” or does this image inspires you with a different feeling?


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Manon Gandiolle