Writing Prompt Story Starter: A Spy At The Window

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For this week’s Story Starter, consider how seeing something or someone unexpectedly can move a story in a number of directions.

Perhaps this image would inspire you to write a dramatic story?

The main character glimpses something that sets off a chain of events. Will she keep the knowledge to herself or tell someone about it? Internal dialogue can tell us a lot about someone.

What has she seen?

Is it a person, a delivery or an event. Maybe she’s looking out for someone in particular. Perhaps she’s scared to leave the house?

All of these scenarios can immediately set up your character’s back story. Maybe you want to wait until further in to the story, or even at the end before you reveal their reasons for being at the window?

Secrets to be kept

Of course, not everything has to be dramatic!

The story could take on a more light-hearted tone and direction. Perhaps it leads to a misunderstanding? It also gives you, the writer, the chance to set a scene and a location, and that helps build up your character.

There’s also no clue to location, so you can let your imagination run wild. Sometimes keeping a secret is the best thing to do, but you main character may have to go through an emotional journey to come to this conclusion.

Ooh, I wonder what she’s looking at?

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