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We’re very happy to say that after our little break, a brand new episode of our story podcast, “Reading Between The Lines”, is out now!

In this episode, host Iain is joined by Fiction Ed Lucy, Marion from the Features team and David from the DC Thomson Archives to talk about “A Deal In Hearts”.

This light-hearted summer romance story was first published in “The People’s Friend” in August 1913.

No author’s name accompanied it in the issue, which wasn’t too unusual. But the team suspect a “Friend” staff member held the pen for this one . . .

It’s a great little story, full of humour and wonderfully descriptive language. And a mischievous poodle!

“A Deal In Hearts” is perhaps a typical example of the sorts of stories we published at the time. But things were about to change.

David says a little about this in the clip below:

We’re coming up to a really exciting, interesting time period for “Friend” fiction.

That’s why we can’t wait to record our next episode after Christmas. And we have some exciting things planned for the rest of the season, too!

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Iain McDonald

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