Writing Prompt Story Starter: Traditions

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This week’s Story Starter is about our traditions

Our society and cultures, our big celebrations are rooted in traditions.
Along with New Year’s celebration, putting up the tree before Christmas, blowing candles on your birthday or wedding’s first dances, we can also find them in smaller family beliefs.
In other words, traditions are everywhere. I find it charming, knowing that we pass on our customs and beliefs from one generation to another.

Finally, traditions are a way to bring communities closer. Life is made of memories, and it feels even more special to share them with people you are close with.

New Year, new habits?

Of course, this is a current topic! What does your New Year’s day traditions include? A long walk? A jigsaw? Sitting down with family or friends for a board game? A Swim in the nearest lake/loch? Do you make a list of new resolutions?

The tradition within the tradition

If celebrating big events is in itself a tradition, each family seems to have their customs within. Is it a specific meal? The preparation of a dessert for the occasion? Opening a bottle of champagne? Is it always the same family member making a toast?

Family rituals

Could you turn small family habits into lasting traditions?
Some little moments make the heart grow fonder when repeated: reading a story or being read to every night, starting the day with a poem. Perhaps you could focus on an old tale book or a family heirloom that has been passed down the family tree.

In addition, your characters may try to gather their family, each year, to get their annual photos taken together? Do they edit and fill their photo album together?

Seasonal traditions

I like the idea of celebrating the changes a year bring. I have a jar at home filled with “seasonal” elements.

Right now, it’s winter and I have filled it with pine cones, orange leaves, dried holly. Throughout the year it will display various flowers, colourful leaves and stones. A bit of sand, a pretty ribbon. Going “hunting” for objects that give me a feel of the new season is something I enjoy taking the time to do.

Similarly, your characters may choose to go on a specific walk to celebrate a change of season? Do they make a point at watching the stars at the winter solstice? Or shooting stars on meteor shower days? Do they celebrate the first snow by grabbing blankets and having a winter picnic? Is the first day of summer synonym for barbecue – rainy or not? Is collecting summer fruits and making jam a tradition?

In conclusion, traditions exist in the eye of the beholder, and despite “New Traditions” sounding like an oxymoron, I find starting new ones always exciting – and a great source of inspiration!


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Manon Gandiolle