The UK’s Favourite Pies

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New national research into the UK’s favourite pies has revealed a love for the classic menu options.

Analysts from Foodhub, one of the UK’s leading online food ordering platforms, researched orders placed via their app and website to determine the nation’s pie eating habits.

Steak and kidney was the most popular savoury pie in 2021, accounting for 11.3% of overall pie orders. The classic chicken and mushroom came a close second (11.2%), followed by steak (9%).

The humble apple pie is our most popular sweet treat overall, with 9.6% of orders placed via Foodhub.

This was followed closely behind by banoffee pie, whilst an American original Tennessee toffee pie landed the third spot.

An upset in the savoury section

“A savoury pie is such a classic British cuisine, so it comes as no surprise to see steak and kidney take the top spot,” Foodhub spokesperson Ardian Mula said.

“This shows an interesting consumer change, following on from last year’s study, as chicken and mushroom has been knocked down to second.

“We’re already looking forward to seeing how the nation’s tastebuds change in 2022. And what pie comes out on top next year!

“We were surprised to see that a vegetarian option didn’t make the top five. Cheese or cheese and onion are usually a classic choice not just amongst plant-eaters, but meat-eaters too.

“However, it came as no surprise to see apple pie take the sweet treats top spot, as it’s an all-time favourite.

“Here at Foodhub we offer a wide range of cuisines so whether you fancy a pie smothered in gravy or served with ice cream, we can tackle anyone’s cravings.”

Britain’s top five savoury pies ordered through Foodhub

  1. Steak and Kidney (11.3%)
  2. Chicken and Mushroom (11.2%)
  3. Steak (9%)
  4. Beef and Onion (8.5%)
  5. Meat and Potato (2.8%)

Britain’s top five sweet pies ordered through Foodhub

  1. Apple (9.6%)
  2. Banoffee (2.3%)
  3. Tennessee Toffee (1.2%)
  4. Sweet Mince (1.2%)
  5. Lemon Meringue (0.1%)

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